Celebrating Family

Submitted by PeterAKenny on December 31, 2019

During a recent visit to our local hospital in Indianapolis, I noticed a brief and intermittent melody played over the hospital-wide sound system.  I had to ask a nurse what that meant.  She replied with a smile: “Oh, they play that every time we have a baby born here.” 

That got an answering smile from me.  How wonderful, I thought.  What a nice way to announce and celebrate new life.  And family.

Fifty years ago, we adopted a baby from a large group home.  I have never forgotten the thrill I received when I saw our new daughter’s picture on their bulletin board.  Along with those of several other children.  Above the pictures was the heading in bold letters: “WE HAVE PARENTS.”

I was struck by the similarity.  Both words and melody express the same simple and spontaneous exclamation of joy.  For the babies and for us.  We have new life.  We belong in this world.  We are part of a family.

The new born and the re-born.  A Birth Day.  And a Re-Birth Day. Both are entering a new phase of life.  Leaving behind the womb and their temporary homes.  Anticipating the dawn of new adventuring with a cry – and perhaps a smile.

And we the new parents are happy.

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