Extending Adoption Subsidies in Indiana

Submitted by PeterAKenny on February 26, 2019
You have adopted a child with a disability. Normally, the child's Medicaid and per diem payments, funded by the federal Adoption Assistance Program (AAP), continue till age 18. Can you get them extended until age 21? Yes, but it’s somewhat complicated. Here’s how. Ninety days before your child’s 18th birthday, the DCS Central Disability Unit (CEU) will send you an Application for Continuing Adoption Assistance. Instructions for applying should be included. If you fail to receive your application, contact CEU immediately. Send your application back at once. It must be received at least 30 days before the month in which your child turns 18. If it is received after the first of the month of his or her birthday, you will have lost your chance for an extension of benefits. Here are examples of documents that may need to accompany your application: A diagnosis of a medical or mental condition that limits your child’s self-supporting capacity. An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or another verification of assessed educational needs. Proof of secondary or post-secondary school enrollment. Proof of employment for at least 80 hours per month. Or participation in an Older Youth AAP program leading to employment. You may wish to obtain help from your adoption attorney. Good luck!

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