Grandma Made a Promise

Submitted by PeterAKenny on April 9, 2019
When this single grandmother adopted her two young grandchildren, that was occasion to celebrate. The actual moment with Joey and Candy is captured in the picture below, an occasional special enough to write a poem. Today Grandma made a promise in court That I would always be her son The judge asked me If I wanted her to be my mother “What about Candy?” I asked “I have some M&M’s” he said ”No, Candy is my sister” I told him He said “Okay, you can keep her.” So I said YES real loud And shouted HALLEJUJAH I jumped off a chair and did somersaults Up in heaven God turned the key To lock us all together And He smiled Today my Grandma made a promise in court That I could always be her girl Mr. Judge looked at me and asked if I agreed “Will Joey still be my big brother?” I asked “Of course” he said Then YES I said “You got a brother and a mother” he said Two for one promise Everyone laughed and I was so happy I felt like I was a princess Up in heaven the angels threw a party

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