Making a Difference, a new book on foster care and adoption

Submitted by PeterAKenny on October 8, 2019

Attorney Peter Kenny announces the publication of his third book: Making a Difference: Foster Care and Adoption. His book contains over 70 single-page topics, all of which are of major interest to foster and adoptive parents.  The book is inspiring, and practical, a quick and easy read. Pick the topic you need and inform yourself.

The authors are a father and son. The son is an attorney who for twenty-three years has focused his practice on adoptions, particularly from foster care. The father is a clinical psychologist, now retired from a career as a behavioral therapist.

The book is divided into five sections.  “To Love a Child” contains several motivational pieces.  “Navigating the System” covers practical matters like when you need an attorney, foster care payments, dealing with allegations, and much more.  Day-to-day problems faced in “Foster Parenting” are dealt with in the third section. “Changing Problem Behavior” then discusses how to handle difficult issues like the discipline of teens, hyperactivity, lying, stealing, cell phones, and much more.

Part Five on “Adoption” considers the practical side of permanence.  From finding a voice in court to the termination of parental rights, from negotiating adoption subsidies to the income tax credit, from the importance of bonding in disputed adoptions to cooperative adoptions, and much in between.

With his psychologist father, Peter has previously authored What Foster Parents Need to Know and Attachment and Bonding in the Foster and Adopted Child. All three of his books are available on

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